Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend in Sedona

This weekend we went camping up near Sedona. It is so beautiful up there! One crazy thing about Arizona is the different landscapes. We went through 5 different landscapes from our house to our campsite! We have been having record heat (105+) and it was really nice to be able to excape once again to 65-70 degree highs!
We drove up a trail road (Schnebly Hill) to see this beautiful view! The city of Sedona is at the bottom...

Once we set up camp we went and did some offroading to really break in the Jeep! The roads were pretty rocky which wasnt exactly the greatest feeling for me, but it was still fun! Im still feeling a little sore from that and sleeping on the ground.

Jeep Club

We had a couple animal encounters.. we spotted a Mule deer (no pic)

a super pretty Collared Lizard

A king snake(non-poisonous) (which we thought was a corral snake (poisonous) until we googled it so Tyler blew its head off with his pistol. He felt bad afterwards...) We now know the saying "Red on Yellow Kill a Fellow" for next time...

and of course the most ferocious animal we came across...

Tyler brought and set up a hammock. This is where I SHOULD have slept but I was too chicken that a bear or mountain lion would attack me if I was out there all by myself...
(me in all my 32+ week glory!)

 On Saturday, we tore down camp and headed to find Colby a place to fish. We ended up at Beaver creek where Colby caught 4 fish! 2 trout and 2 smallmouth bass (for anyone who knows the difference )

Claire and Kylie playing in the creek!

We had a great time! Thanks Coltons! The benefits definitely outweighed the discomforts, although an actual toilet is most certainly a preferred route while pregnant to a hole and a shovel! :)

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