Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally looking un-dorm like!

Well my roommate MISHA moved out this past Friday.
I was very lucky to have such a good roommate!

It was weird having an empty house. It was just me and Krone!
THen there was the empty room!
I have to wait until all of the wedding festivities are over though...

Yesterday, Colby and I (mainly Colby) deep cleaned her room.
We vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet.
THen moved in the desk that was in my room into the now
Then we moved the dresser into the desks spot.
It now looks like a bedroom in there!
And the headboard is finished, it just has to make the long journey to the house!

Still needed:
Nightstands (matching)
other decor...

Slowly but surely, it's coming together!

10 days left!

Until I get MARRIED!!!

I cant wait!

let's bake!

On Friday, I decided that I wanted to bake a pizza.
It was a crazy whim, but a good one!
I used 3 parts whole wheat, 1 part white flour. (So that it was "healthy")
I mixed in basil and garlic to give it some extra flavor!
I kneaded it,
let it rise,
3+ hours later, it was ready!
I made a "deep dish" and a regular crust!
It was hard work but they turned out to be DELICIOUS!!
(COLBY was very impressed, as was I)
They looked a little like this:

If only I would have waited 3 days to make it, I could have used this:

Oh well! Now I have a GOOD Reason to make it again!

(I don't know if they read this but, Thank you to Uncle Davis & Aunt Diana for sending this wedding gift! It will be well used!)

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