Tuesday, April 3, 2012

25 weeks!

I really cant believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going by!

Here is me at 25 weeks!

Weight gain: around 15 lbs
Baby is moving around like Crazy all the time!
Food cravings: Chipotle, still... cafe rio, still... nothing really new or exciting.
I have had the weirdest things that happen to me now, like weird allergic reactions that cause rashes on my belly. Luckily its gone now. For a while I had the worst pain in my shoulder, I couldnt even lift up my arm half way!
Other than that pregnancy so far has been pretty good to me. Hopefully it continues that way!!

I picked some fun patterns for the nursery, my grandma is making two quilts. Im not really doing a theme so I can interchange them for the crib.
Here are the patterns.

Which one is your favorite?

Also we have decided on a name! We werent going to tell until we had the baby but decided to go a head and tell anyways...His name will be.........

Tatum James Howard

Design Dilemna solved

Remember when we moved in the house and we couldnt decide what to do with the living room?

It looked like this...

Well we had to move some things around for the babys room so we made the movie room the new office and now the living room looks like this....

Hopefully we will be adding a fan and another light fixture in there (sooner than later...) and also a chair for the sitting area.
What do you think?
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