Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Desert Botanical Gardens

A couple weekends a go, Colby and I were trying to decide what we wanted to do... The library has a culture pass program where you can get free entrance to places around town like the zoo, museums, etc. We decided we wanted to go to the zoo, but the passes go quick so I headed to the library so I could be there when it opened..or so I thought.. I misread the website, and it opened up 2 hours early on Fridays..Big Fail..
So I got a pass to the Desert Botanical Gardens instead. We had a great time and saw every cactus known to man...welcome to the desert! We took pictures the first half, but then my camera battery died...so there was my Second Fail! 
Im just glad that it has cooled down enough that we can enjoy doing outside things again!

Sweet Potatoes

Tatum got his first "solid" food on 11-13. I decided to make my own baby foods, so I baked and pureed the sweet potatoes (since I had them on hand) the night before. Its crazy how much 1.5 sweet potatoes can make when pureed!
Here is the result of his first "eating" sessions!

4 months old

Another month has flown by! Tatum continues to grow and learn new things constantly! It is so amazing watching him discover the world and how to do things!

Tatum is 16lbs 4oz; 26.25 inches long and has a 17" noggin. No wonder my back always hurts now!
Can roll over back to belly and occasionally has rolled belly to back, but forgets he can. This is especially fun when he rolls onto his belly in the middle of the night and wakes himself up!
Has discovered his feet! He didnt want to let them go today!
Loves to chat! He talks to us and his toys and his blankets all the time!
Loves his jumperoo! He goes crazy in that thing!
Loves water! Baths and swim class are his favorites!
Started solids. So far, he has had sweet potatoes and bananas and loved the bananas, not so sure about the sweet potatoes.
Loves the camera, he is such a ham!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sedona (...again)

Are you sick of seeing these red rocks yet?

We LOVE Sedona! Colby's dad was here for a quick work trip and we were able to spend our Saturday with him! He had never been up to Sedona, so we decided to show him around! Plus, Colby wanted to test out his new lift he put on the Jeep (I forgot to get a picture of it...).
This was Tatums first time outside of my belly and his first offroading adventure!
This was also the clearest we have seen it, the past couple of times we have been up there were forest fires in the area that made the air hazy.

3 Months!

How is it possible that 3 months has gone by? Im not really sure.
Tatum has grown so much! He is becoming more entertaining, and smiles and laughs constantly!
He is always getting told how handsome he is and how content he seems. Both are so true! He is very contents 99% of the time! The past couple nights he has had a few minor meltdowns. Its moments like thes that I wish I spoke baby.
Ive reached the first part of my breastfeeding goal. He still is a lazy eater so I pump almost exclusively. Sometimes it feels like a second job, but it is worth it! No one can explain how hard and stressful nursing can be, and I am glad that I found an alternative that works for us!

So at 3 months Tatum is:

Close to 16 lbs! We will get his official weight next month!
Laughing and Smiling Constantly
Can ALMOST roll over from stomach to back...Maybe next month?
Loves Books
Loves his Puppies
Is becoming interested in his feet, but is not quite sure how to get to them.
Is developing a little attitude
Constantly wants to stand or sit, which is a lot of work for mommy!
Is a thumbsucker, he prefers his right.
Loves it when I sing to him
Loves his bath time
Still Loves Swim Class and will get to go under the water this coming week!
Very interested in watching us eat
Sometimes likes his bumbo
and is a mommys boy.

Now for what you really come to this blog for...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out of Africa Park

I have always gotten the groupon emails but never caved and bought one, until now! They had a deal for the Out of Africa wildlife park in Camp Verde (about an hour and half away) for 50% off. Normally tickets are $36 a person, so that made them $18 a person. Then I had a coupon for $15 off my first groupon purchase, so we were able to go for a grand total of $21 + tax! It was so much fun!
They have a safari tour you can go on where you can feed the giraffe and camels. The zebras, ostrich, and other animals come up to the bus and the driver will feed them. They have a ton of exotic cats that are in enclosures that you can actually see them , and they do a fun Tiger Splash activity where the tiger chases toys and jumps into the pool! It was a great experience!
I was a little nervous being outside with Tatum that long, but he did great! The weather was slightly cooler than it is here in the valley and was in the low 90s. I know that sounds hot, but it is sweet relief from the 100+ we normally have!
We did have a nice blowout (the poopy kind) during our safari ride, so he got cleaned up mid bus ride. That was fun! Luckily I came prepared and packed an extra outfit and lots of extra diapers!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Sacked out!

The bear kept following this little boy back and forth..I think he was hungry.
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