Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out of Africa Park

I have always gotten the groupon emails but never caved and bought one, until now! They had a deal for the Out of Africa wildlife park in Camp Verde (about an hour and half away) for 50% off. Normally tickets are $36 a person, so that made them $18 a person. Then I had a coupon for $15 off my first groupon purchase, so we were able to go for a grand total of $21 + tax! It was so much fun!
They have a safari tour you can go on where you can feed the giraffe and camels. The zebras, ostrich, and other animals come up to the bus and the driver will feed them. They have a ton of exotic cats that are in enclosures that you can actually see them , and they do a fun Tiger Splash activity where the tiger chases toys and jumps into the pool! It was a great experience!
I was a little nervous being outside with Tatum that long, but he did great! The weather was slightly cooler than it is here in the valley and was in the low 90s. I know that sounds hot, but it is sweet relief from the 100+ we normally have!
We did have a nice blowout (the poopy kind) during our safari ride, so he got cleaned up mid bus ride. That was fun! Luckily I came prepared and packed an extra outfit and lots of extra diapers!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Sacked out!

The bear kept following this little boy back and forth..I think he was hungry.

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