Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was looking around on Yahoo one day and found a list of free things. One of the things was language courses. Now, they arent Extremely detailed but they give you the basics and conversation layouts!
Hey, Its a start!
I started last week and have gone through 8 lessons of Spanish so far. There is 12 weeks worth for Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Chinese, Portugese, and German.
I'm on my way to being bilingual, trilingual, quadralingual....etc. :)
To join me on my language journey:
Here's the link


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GQ Dog??

It's starting to get cold outside and we have been having a hard time getting Krone to go out there. So Colby and I bought him an orange sweater from Target! He loves it! He even modeled it for us! What do you think?

Farmers Market

Colby and I went to the Triad Farmers Market. It is only a couple miles the condo, but this was my first time! Unfortunately we didnt by anything because they dont take plastic, and that all we had!.. Maybe next time!

Colby found a hat-
I found a cat!
This fuzzy owl was adorable!
Love! Im in a pumpkin hut!!

There were tons of pumpkins!

Im a cat! Colby wouldnt put his face in one!

We had so much fun and afterwards we went to a huge antique store. We were tired, but the half we did go through had lots of neat stuff! I was glad Colby had a Saturday off so we could spend it together!

Conference Sunday @ the Haderlies

Colby and I went to his sister Brittany's house for General Conference sunday. I made cinnamon rolls for brunch/snacking on and we also brought Krone. 
After what seemed like 30 minutes of kneading the dough, and baking time, they turned out wonderfully! 

We ate almost all of them!! 

The kids enjoyed Krone (well Rylan enjoyed Krone, Kyrah wasnt so sure if she did or not!)
But did Krone enjoy them? 

Here is Krone just minding his own business...

Then Rylan came along!

and puts Krone in a headlock!

but Colby saves the day!
(Actually we were just trying to get a picture of Rylan and Krone, but dog wasnt cooperating. )

It was a fun day! Im glad that we were able to spend time with family!

I got motivated...

It's not a very good picture, and I didn't get to do the cupcake style because of time issues. 
But here they are!


One of these days I will post my one and only picture of my cupcake pops!!

They were cute.. and the rumor is they were mighty yummy!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's us at Brandon & Joy's reception last week!
*Thanks Carly for having your camera and taking pictures!! :)

TAGGED! Round 2

8 T.V. Shows I Like to Watch
The Hills
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
CSI:LV (the other ones are cheesy)
Wheel of Fortune

8 Restaurants I Like to Eat at
In-N-Out (miss this)
Macayos (miss this too)
Olive Garden
La Fiesta
Red Robin
Colby's Cafe (I love it when he cooks!)

8 Things That Happened Today
Slept all night until the alarm went off
The dog slept all night until the alarm went off
Watched the Today Show
Ate Cheerios
Came to work
Filled out these Tags
(Will be)Going to the Doc for a checkup
(Will be) Going to a baby shower

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
The weekend
Figuring out what Im going to do this weekend
The Holidays
Finish painting
Me and Colby's first Christmas Together
Colby graduating school
Going back to visit family
Driving to the mountains to see all the pretty colors!

8 Things on My Wish List
To go clothes shopping (hasnt happened for close to 9 months!!)
To be rid of this cold!
To go on our Honeymoon
To go and see the atlantic ocean
To see and take pictures of Cape Hatteras
To get an awesome camera
Get to my ideal weight and be more motivated for gym!
(they go hand in hand, right?)

8 People to Tag:


Well here's to my first time being tagged, and twice!! Thanks Ann! I am supposed to type 6 Quirky things about myself, and then tag 6 others. Here it goes!

1. I apparently have stretchy skin. Colby loves to grab my skin and pull it. I tell him not too, but he is fascinated that my skin will come off the bone like a whole inch. Weird? maybe, maybe not. I just know he doesnt have stretchy skin. So Im like a super hero or something!

2. I dont like watching certain people eat. It all started when I saw this documentary of a morbidly obese man who was trying to get gastric-bypass surgery was recorded eating a regular amoung of food (for him). This was like 5 full normal size plates of food. It was all over his lips and just GROSS!!! SO thank you Discovery Channel for causing me to be disturbed by this!

3. I am Clumsy. Not all the time, just mostly. Like last weekend when I spilled my cup of RED Punch at the dinner table, not once...but twice, doing the EXACT same thing. Needless to say, I didnt touch the cup after that. I also tripped over a tractor, but thats a different story.

4. I dont like needles. This is a common thing for people. For me though, I tense up, get dizzy, shake, have to talk myself into getting blood drawn or shots, or whatever. It wasnt good when I had to get an IV in my hand either. I do know that I need to get over this fear before I have kids.

5. I still listen to a Vegas radio station almost everyday. Im sure that people that walk in the lobby and here the traffic report are confused to what they are hearing, but oh well!! I just cant rid myself of Mark & Mercedes in the Morning, I dont know why!

6. I get claustrophobic when people try to pop/pick at my face. Colby enjoys popping and so does my mom. If they are trying for more than a minute I get really antsy and am done with that. Unfortanately, it doesnt always work with getting them to stop though.

I tag: Brittany, Carly, DeAnna, Brooke, Christal, and Courtney!
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