Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farmers Market

Colby and I went to the Triad Farmers Market. It is only a couple miles the condo, but this was my first time! Unfortunately we didnt by anything because they dont take plastic, and that all we had!.. Maybe next time!

Colby found a hat-
I found a cat!
This fuzzy owl was adorable!
Love! Im in a pumpkin hut!!

There were tons of pumpkins!

Im a cat! Colby wouldnt put his face in one!

We had so much fun and afterwards we went to a huge antique store. We were tired, but the half we did go through had lots of neat stuff! I was glad Colby had a Saturday off so we could spend it together!


Cade and Brittany said...

Colby looks like a "Cereal" killer in the oneof you two together. I am scared.

Anonymous said...

tell colby he needs to smile! lol! =D

Brooke and Kent said...

umm I am really not sure what is going on but colby needs to shave... but you look really cute! giggle

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