Friday, July 16, 2010

what month is it?

Wow this year has really flown by! It is already the middle of July! That is unbelievable! But also Unbelievably Great! Why??

Next week I am heading out to Buffalo, NY to go to Niagra Falls and the Hill Cumorah pageant with my Mama, Mom, Karli, and Kenny! Then we are all driving back and here so they can see the new house and hang out! I can't wait! Colby has been working hard on getting the 2nd bath ready (we maybe took one step in there before we knew they were coming)!

Then a couple weeks after that Colby and I head out on our cruise with the Coltons! It is giong to be so much fun and I am sure that I will come back with a million new freckles.. and hopefully an awesome tan! Even little kids are starting to notice my newly freckled face!

Then it will soon be our 2nd anniversary! Can't believe that either! I have a mix of emotion between didnt I just get married and I feel like we have been married forever!

Karli & I at the outdoor county music concerts when I was in Vegas back in April!
Basically one of the only pics I got the whole time I was there... FAIL!

Well thats all for now! I will have to post some of the redo of the 2nd bath soon though!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

why.. good morning!

So I got up this morning, took the dogs out, went back in, walked into the bathroom, looked out the window. Wait.. what is that in the window? A leaf? junk from the gutters? I got a little closer... those are definitely ears... OH. look for youself what greeted me on this lovely morning!

Can you tell what it is?? A Bat! He squeezed himself in between the two screens because they were open! 

Needles to say I woke Colby up so that he could see it too! His response "Thats freakin awesome!" I'm not sure how awesome it is that we now house a flying creature of the night, along with a family of chipmunks, several squirrels, a fat cat that I've seen jumping the back fence, and several lizards.. Maybe we should have bought a farm! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

House Updates

Well we have been in our new house now for  a little over two months and it is starting to come along! Colby has been busy getting everything into tip top shape and has basically done all of the changes by himself with a little help from me of course!


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