Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Night!

Day 31- Well we had our weekly movie night tonight. Our night started off with some interesting information that left us pondering the rest of the evening. Right when you think there are no BIG decisions to be made in the near future bam. decision time..
we then headed over to the Verizon store to activate Colbys new phone, then to Target to eat a fabulous dinner (see picture below!)!
Then we headed off to Colby softball game that got rain delayed/suspended and they have to finish the last 17 minutes at a later time..even though they were winning 16-2!
After the almost finished game we headed off to the movies and saw Easy A. I thought it was funny, Colby thought it was alright. If I had a choice to see it again I would wait until it came out at redbox..
Then it was midnight when we got home and the dogs were angry monsters!

I know you are jealous of our very own personal pan pizza hut pizza from the target food court!

there was a fire at the day spa next to the movie theatre.. too many candles i guess!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Day 30-Well this post is going to be lame.  I was feeling pretty blah today so I went to the grocery store made a salad and caught up on some shows that I am already behind on.
Thats all.

So if I could take a picture of my very uninspiring day it would be of my tv. which i am not going to take by the way!

The end.

Monday, September 20, 2010

busy day

Day 29-Today was a very busy day. Work was pretty busy but then when I got home I got even busier. I video chatted with Brooke, started these garlic cheese rolls, left to go visiting teaching, came back and went on a walk, then I finished baking the bread and started looking at some college info for my sister. 
whew. I am ready for bed.
This bread was delicious! It's basically a simple pizza dough, put cheese in the middle and make a butter/italian seasoning sauce and bake for 15. Yumm definitely a new staple recipe! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the master is at it again!

Colby finished the tiling of the master bathroom floor yesterday. It had been done minus the sealing so we finished that part together! Finally something I can do! :)

It makes it look like a completely different bathroom! There are still a lot of things to be accomplished in here but its a huge start!

our neighbor is getting ready for halloween!

I was cleaning out my car and noticed this huge spider web! It is in between our fence and his house! 

It might be better than...

 Day 28- I made the "Better than Sex" cake that Brooke was talking about. We are heading over to a group family home evening at some friends and they said bring dessert so I am bringing this. Crossing my fingers it is as delicious as it looks!  I couldnt get the frosting to look normal so I decided to be "creative" haha.

Day 27

Day 27- Today I went with Shannon Kirk and Lydia to the Apple Fest, Honeybee Festival, and Greek Festival! Yes it was a day of festivals!  I took my camera but realized when we got there that I was missing my SD card so I couldnt take any pictures! :( I did take a picture of this cool hawk and awesome owl that the animal rehab center had on display!
Best food of the day would have to be the Loukoumathes-Deep-fried balls of sweet batter, dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. ( A Greek version of a Donut Hole) They were divine! They Chicken Pita wasnt bad either! It was a fun day!

Also I would like to note that I have not take a Saturday afternoon nap in the past month! Believe me thats amazing! :)

I won!

Day 26-A couple of weeks a go I won a contest that I entered on a blog! It was for photographer that was giving away a print of a few select pictures. Colby and I had a hard time deciding which picture to choose but eventually chose this one.

 It is called East Coast Pier. We love it and it goes perfectly in our half bath downstairs!

Thank You Julia Wade!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hair hair hair

DAY 25-With only looking at my hair and not my love handles and unmade bed and mismatched ugly blinds...
My hair is unbelievable long. I love it long but right now its at the point of what do I do with this mop?  I want to get it cut but I cant decide how much I want to get cut off and if I really want to change it up too much... Opinions much needed :) ?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...

Day 24-I went to watch Colby's softball game tonight. They ended with a tie 9-9, but they should have won! They came up from 4 in the last ending!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Day 12-Colby killed our friend.. and was brave enough to get close enough to get this picture...

Day 13-watching me get ready so he can go down stairs.

Day 14-The sky was so blue today. This picture doesnt do it any justice.  It was gorgeous!

Day 15- Colby and I refinished the desk I bought. We tried to paint the knobs but I dont like how they turned out... Ideas appreciated!

Day 16- I thought the one of Kazzi was hilarious and Kroners is just a handsome dog. He had just got a bath before this picture was taken!

Day 17-Colby and I went fishing but ended up catching the turtles instead.

Day 18-The Geico Skytypers wrote a message across the whole sky advertising for the air show and to salute the 9-11 heroes!
Day 19-Love my V-Dub <3

Day 20- Baked a Pizza after church. It was delicious and soo easy to make!

Day 21- Colby has been working on the tile in the master bath.. Almost done!

Day 22- Went to the Spring Garden Bakery to try cupcakes... they didnt have any so I bought some Vegan muffins instead. I loved the Blueberry!

Day 23- The Sunset on my drive home today.

So I will be better at posting each day. Its too hard to play catch up.

I know I have a problem..

it's called follow through...

So I have been taking pictures every day. I promise..

I havent however been blogging them... (if you hadnt noticed)

i will blog them tonight....

...and then I will get back on track. I keep writing things down I want to blog about and then by the time I get home and think I can sit down to blog I have to do something else.

So look forward to seeing all the pictures of my sometimes exciting adventures later on today!

Friday, September 3, 2010

You learn something every day..

So I went walking around the Old Time Pottery during my lunch break and when I walked back out to my car I noticed an interesting license plate on the car parked in front of me.

It was on the front and back so it I figured it had to be an official license plate of somewhere...
So I wikipedia'ed (is that a word) it.

Check it out..

It's a little crazy.

Anyway, Theres your who-knew-knowledge for the day! Oh and Picture #11!

Dreaming of.....

For months I have been wanting a new comforter for our bed. I have looked at several places but they never have exactly what I am looking for. However the other day I was looking online at West Elm and Pottery Barn and both places had basically exactly what I was looking for. Better yet both are on sale!
While I am not any closer to being able to buy either, atleast now I know exactly where to find what I am looking for!!

Now I cant decide it I want the clean crisp lines of the Hotel Style Duvet or the fun rich texture of the quilt! If I was choosing the quilt I would probably stick with the cream color and get fun colored pillows to accent. But if I was choosing the hotel style then I couldnt really do the funky pillows because they don't really go together?

What do YOU think? Would you go for the more homey feel of the quilt? or the modern sleek lines of the hotel style? or do you prefer bright patterns??

The pillow however is a given and could go pretty much anywhere in the house. I wonder how easy it would be to re-create that pillow?? Anyone want to give it a try with me??

Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 down to the PF Changs.

Tonight Colby and I went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary! We went to PF Changs and it was delicious, Colby had never been there before!!
Colby bet me that our server worked on cars and the bet was that if he didnt that we could go back in two weeks. I gathered up the courage and asked him and I was, unfortunately, wrong... kind of.. he used to work on his old car but not anymore?? Does anyone else think that I should win??

Spicy chicken and Mongolian Beef! Yumm!
My scruffy but oh so handsome husband
Lucky fortunes!

Tomorrow is Friday! Even better it is the Friday before a beautiful 3 day weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 8 & 9

I meant to post yesterday but got side-tracked by the show "Selling New York" and then it was bedtime! That show is amazing. I would like to make 100K for selling something. I also would never by a 5+ million dollar home so I guess thats why I like to watch it??
So yesterday I found this desk on craigslist that I wanted to buy. It was only $20 so I went and picked it up. It's a little rough around the edges it is probably about 30 years old, but it has good bones and I can't wait to refinish it!

Then today Colby took my picture of the day. He had let the dogs out and after about 5 minutes he saw Kazzi staring at the door (which isnt weird) but he was like 5 feet away which is weird. Colby opened up the door and Kazzi just stood there. COlby looked down and saw this

Lovely, I know. Again our backyard is actually a zoo! Colby couldnt catch it to release it back into the forest and he slithered off under the house somewhere. Now I am paranoid he is going to come up through the toilets! You know you have the same fear!!

5 words:

I'm glad it wasn't me!
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