Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 8 & 9

I meant to post yesterday but got side-tracked by the show "Selling New York" and then it was bedtime! That show is amazing. I would like to make 100K for selling something. I also would never by a 5+ million dollar home so I guess thats why I like to watch it??
So yesterday I found this desk on craigslist that I wanted to buy. It was only $20 so I went and picked it up. It's a little rough around the edges it is probably about 30 years old, but it has good bones and I can't wait to refinish it!

Then today Colby took my picture of the day. He had let the dogs out and after about 5 minutes he saw Kazzi staring at the door (which isnt weird) but he was like 5 feet away which is weird. Colby opened up the door and Kazzi just stood there. COlby looked down and saw this

Lovely, I know. Again our backyard is actually a zoo! Colby couldnt catch it to release it back into the forest and he slithered off under the house somewhere. Now I am paranoid he is going to come up through the toilets! You know you have the same fear!!

5 words:

I'm glad it wasn't me!

1 comment:

Brooke and Kent said...

oh my gosh. I would be sick to my stomach to see that snake. And yes, I used to be scared of that when I was little!! except I thought an alligator would come up and bite me while I wasn't looking

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