Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm so bad

Yes this post is about a dog. I of course am not bad! :)

Kazzi is constantly keeping us on our toes. (Krone continues to be perfect) Like I have mentioned before we have 2 very large beautiful bay windows in the front of the house. This is the dogs favorite place to be because they can see EVERYTHING! There is also a large window in the back of the house that allows them to keep surveillance of the backyard. This is a very important duty for them because there is a family of chipmunks and squirrels that might attack the house at any time. Krone is content sitting and watching everything without a peep. Kazzi however...will bark like he is the size of a Mastiff and is going to scare whatever it may be away... He also like to bark at his reflection that is in the windows at night... Yes.. I cant wait until we get blinds. I cannot stand the barking!

Here is is looking all cute like...

On Sunday we let the dogs into the back yard to chase the wildlife and when Colby checked on the 15 minutes later he noticed something was wrong with kazzi. We opened the door and he ran inside (rare) and tried to get water but he couldnt stop pawing his face. He was flipping out and wouldnt calm down. Colby wrapped him up in a blanket and we tried to figure out what had happened.
Silly dog had chipped one of his front teeth and it was bleeding.  We flipped him on his back I poured water down his mouth and we put him in a calm bath and finally got him to calm down. I of course was ready to take him to the doggy hospital if he didnt start acting normal! I went outside and found the other half of his tooth but it is still to be determined how he chipped it in the first place...
He hasnt been allowed back there since.

passport photos

One reason we decided to go on a cruise was because you didnt need a passport, however we just found out  that you do infact need one becasue they are once again changing the laws (thank you Haiti), anyways since we have just over 2 months left before our cruise (Yay!) we decided we better hurry up and get them! I went this past Saturday and was able to sneak in between appointments, they charge an extra $15 to take your picture! Isnt that crazy! Anyways because I was already there and didnt have a picture I paid the fee and was done. Colby was left needing one however. So, on Sunday night I take a couple pictures of him so that I could get them printed out Monday. He informs me on Monday that he decided he needed to shave first and so he did and then HE took some pictures of himself for me to get printed out.

He couldnt find the timer button so he took them himself.
He is always making me laugh! Love Him!

*I retook the pictures and he went and turned in the paperwork today!
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