Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Check it out!

Did a photoshoot with Colby this weekend! Let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I decided to set some new goals this year, except Im am going to set goals that I can achieve monthly, rather than for the whole year!
Some of my January goals are:
Plan my primary lessons on Saturday!
Paint bathroom. (We have had the paint since September!!)
Hang pictures and curtains in bedroom/office!
Learn how to work Adobe Elements
Keep Kitchen Dazzled
organize closet and keep organized
Complete TWILIGHT series!! Im on Eclipse, have been for 3 weeks!
Those are just a few! I have 17! Just for January!
I better get to work!!
Here is Mr. Krone in his Christmas Sweater he got from Brittany! He Loved it!

One of the first pics Colby took with the new camera!

Gorgeous Sunset

Where did 2008 go?

2008 just seemed to fly by, I blinked and it was gone!

In 2008 I:
Moved to North Carolina
Went without a job for a month and just spent the time relaxing!
Decided I cant stand not doing anything, so I went to find a job.
One week, and a couple interviews later I became an employee of Guy M Turner, Inc. as Receptionist
Colby and I celebrated my birthday, He got me a screwdriver set and some house stuff (i cant remember exactly...) we also went to dinner and drove to 3 different restaurants before we chose one (without an 1 1/2 wait)
Ann came to visit and we drove around to find the Wake Forest sign so we could take a picture...we never found one.
I experienced my first REAL spring, full of bright, magnificent colors.
I found out I should tell Colby my plans before booking flights. That way I dont ruin surprises.
However, it made for an even better surprise.
We got engaged, and I still have one of the Fortune Cookies!
A day later I flew to Las Vegas, Spent time with my wonderful family, found a wedding dress, went to a wedding reception, picked my colors, and ate In N Out 2x! Yumm!
Colby and i went and discovered downtown Raleigh and a very delicious pizza place!
Colby and I bought our first dog, Krone the Warrior King! We love him so much!
I had a bridal shower with family and friends, it was intimate, fun, and memorable!!
My work threw me a shower and I received a ton of stuff of my registary! It was so much fun!
I left for Las Vegas, one day ahead of Colby.
I was able to go through the temple for the first time.
Colby and I were sealed for time and all eternity! Everything went so smoothly and was beautiful!
We ate Nathans Pizza for our 1 dinner as married couple and stayed at the Marriot.
We payed $20 for breakfast we thought was free, but the German waitress gave us a free fruit bowl full of strawberries!
We went 4-wheeling with my family on the dry lake bed and had a blast!
We traveled back to NC to get back to real life.
My family came out to celebrate the NC reception. It was so great to see Everyone, including grandma and Grandpa Kuhn.
Our lives have been filled with school, work, dog training, and family! The time since we got married has seemed to fly by!
For Thanksgiving we went to Deep Run, NC to visit Colbys Grandma.
We ate at Stephanie and Mickeys house and everything was delicious!
We went to visit Fort Macon and finally I got to feel the sand of the east coast between my toes!
They offered me a promotion at work, I am now the Accounts Payable Clerk.
We had a murder mystery dinner hosted by Brittany! Everyone dressed up!
Christal was the pregnant cheerleader murderer. Ironic since she IS pregnant...
Colby and I celebrated our first Christmas together.
He is a great gift giver and surpised me with a New NIKON camera!!
I found out how the Howards celebrate Christmas, and learned some new songs!
We fell asleep around 9pm on New Years Eve, but I woke up at 11:57 by acccident. So I turned on the TV to watch the ball drop. Colby stayed in bed. Krone however, watched with me!
2008 was Great! Here is to 2009!
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