Thursday, January 8, 2009


I decided to set some new goals this year, except Im am going to set goals that I can achieve monthly, rather than for the whole year!
Some of my January goals are:
Plan my primary lessons on Saturday!
Paint bathroom. (We have had the paint since September!!)
Hang pictures and curtains in bedroom/office!
Learn how to work Adobe Elements
Keep Kitchen Dazzled
organize closet and keep organized
Complete TWILIGHT series!! Im on Eclipse, have been for 3 weeks!
Those are just a few! I have 17! Just for January!
I better get to work!!


D. said...

Hooray you updated your I think the last time I actually set New Year's Goals/Resolutions was before I had kids. Life just goes by so fast when you have kids, that even montly goals just don't work. I usually have to try just daily or weekly goals of what I'd like to accomplish. Hope you have a happy 2009.

Kerrie said...

Thank you Jenifer - for updating your blog. I love you and miss you but I am proud of the amazing woman you have become... anyway - in response to your cousin's remarks - the answer then - is to not have kids until you've accomplished all of your goals! Ha Ha! Right! Krone looks so cute and you look beautiful as always. Love you! Mom

Brooke and Kent said...

wow you are ambitious. My goal list is only like 3 things and that is for the year. good luck!

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