Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It was a White Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We were spoiled as usual and so blessed! We are so grateful for our wonderful families and all that they do for us!

What did we do for Christmas?

Christmas Eve
-Family Pictures
-Sing at the retirement community
-Stare in amazement how fast kids open presents and how loud the Howards are :)
-Open presents
-Rockband 3

-Attempt to take pictures
-Play dolls with Kyrah
-Dont Break the Ice
-Rockband 3
-Eat :) haha
-Watch it snow
-Drive home in 3+ snow

Day after Christmas
-Church is cancelled because of the 7+ inches of snow
-let dogs run free in the snow for 5 minutes
-take pictures of snow and of previous
-give dogs baths to melt the "snow balls" **not what you think, see pic at bottom!!**
-Almost die in attempting to get to Brittany's
-Arrive at Brittanys
-Go Sledding
-Play games
-Head home and think of how blessed we are!

Well thats about it in a nutshell... here are some pics of the snow!

See Krone's legs? The boys get these "snow balls" that cling to their hair! it is pretty funny, but they are super hard to melt! We had to throw them in the tub to get them all melted, I know they didnt mind the warm water! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party

We hosted our first annual Ugly Sweater Party! It was so much fun! We had several couples from the stake and Brooke & Kent were able to make it in town just in time to join! Claire & Tyler were the only ones not in ugly sweaters but we figured we would let them join in the fun anyways! :) j/k guys I know you tried to find some! 
We played some fun games, including Match Mate, which can be awkward at times! And several minute to win it games Christmas style! On top of all the fun and games we had some delicious Christmas Snacks! 
We had such a good time and I am looking forward to the next get together!!

Now for the pictures... All of these were taken during our minute to win it games, you are always guaranteed to get some great pics while playing these!

See our new rug! We got it at Ikea and I love it and love Ikea!!!

We also had a small white elephant gift exchange! I had written it in the invite but had forgotten by Saturday! Oops! Claire & Tyler forgot too, so Colby ran down to Lowes with them to pick out some awesome presents, Carleton is holding the coolest one! A rubber blow up cat! haha! YOu can tell he is so happy to have it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House updates again!

Maybe some day I will take a picture of the master bathroom but until then here is the living room and office!
While my dad was here he installed two recessed lights in the living room and wired for a fan. So we went from having Zero lights to having two recessed lights and two fans with lights! I love it! I can see the floor at night and if you know my dog thats a good thing! :)


I know its from a different angle but you get it...
Living room with Lights! and decorated for Christmas!

Before Office:
Wow I dont miss anything about that room at all!

I have the letters to go under the clocks I just havent put them up yet! 

Our lovely fireplace decorated for Christmas! We are going to cover up the wires and get a tiny box receiver instead of bunny ears... hopefully sooner than later! :) The lovely stockings my mom and mama made for me! and the itty bitty ones for the pups!

At out ward christmas party, a sister brought some poinsettas and I was able to bring one home! It is gorgeous! Something that is not gorgeous....
Haha I think we need an upgrade! Actually we did not have a microwave since we moved in (May) but with my family coming in town I thought it would be nice to have since we would be eating leftovers, instead of going and buying one we borrowed this lovely from Colbys parents. It is a dinosaur! But it did its job! I am ready to give it back and live microwave free again! (Never thought I would say that....)

Colby started a new schedule last week. He got a job as a training coach for Amex and loves it so far! Pros and cons for me? 
His schedule is 5pm to 130 am 
His days off are Friday & Saturday 
 I am so glad that he finally as the weekend off but sad that I will only see him on the weekends! This schedule lasts until the end of March and then we will see what happens after that! 

Well thats the update for now! 

Family Pictures!

We had a great time with my family while they were here! It went by way too fast! I am looking forward to going out to visit in June and to see Karli graduate from High School!! So crazy! Anyways I have such a beautiful family! I had my sister in law Brittany take the pictures and then I edited them!  I miss them already!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ikea & Cats

So Ikea released 100 cats into their store in London and this is what they got!

This is how they did it! Amazing!

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