Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It was a White Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We were spoiled as usual and so blessed! We are so grateful for our wonderful families and all that they do for us!

What did we do for Christmas?

Christmas Eve
-Family Pictures
-Sing at the retirement community
-Stare in amazement how fast kids open presents and how loud the Howards are :)
-Open presents
-Rockband 3

-Attempt to take pictures
-Play dolls with Kyrah
-Dont Break the Ice
-Rockband 3
-Eat :) haha
-Watch it snow
-Drive home in 3+ snow

Day after Christmas
-Church is cancelled because of the 7+ inches of snow
-let dogs run free in the snow for 5 minutes
-take pictures of snow and of previous
-give dogs baths to melt the "snow balls" **not what you think, see pic at bottom!!**
-Almost die in attempting to get to Brittany's
-Arrive at Brittanys
-Go Sledding
-Play games
-Head home and think of how blessed we are!

Well thats about it in a nutshell... here are some pics of the snow!

See Krone's legs? The boys get these "snow balls" that cling to their hair! it is pretty funny, but they are super hard to melt! We had to throw them in the tub to get them all melted, I know they didnt mind the warm water! :)

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