Thursday, September 22, 2011

last weekend according to phone pics

Colby left me for the weekend to go on a fishing trip with Tyler. They ended up coming back on Saturday night with their loot...
They caught 17 trout, but only one that was big enough to take home (they have a rule that they have to be over 14 inches). Colby prepared it and cooked it for dinner on Sunday, but thought that it didnt taste right. So he threw it away... oh well! Now he is ready to go back and catch some more!
While Colby was gone, Krone decided that he loves/is obsessed with the pool. He has jumped in like 3 or 4 times in the past week! Im hoping he gets over this soon....
Kazzi is really good at just looking cute...
Claire and I took a shopping day on saturday and went exploring Scottsdales Fashion Square. We ended the day with this special treat...

We went to Sprinkles cupcakes and I splurged on 3 cupcakes (@ 3.50 a piece, Colby was thrilled!) but they were absolutely delicious!!
So there you have it, this whole weekend in not so good pictures!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camping Trip!

Colby & I decided to take a quick camping trip! Colby took work off on Tuesday and we headed up Monday afternoon to a place called Crown Point, about a 3 hour drive. The last 30+ miles are on dirt roads climbing up a mountain to 6500+ feet! It was a little crazy and Im glad that we drove it during the day and not the night!
There was plenty of wildlife on the drive up...

There were cows just roaming the dirt roads on the way up! They definitely caught us off guard a couple of times! 
But other than some birds, and an occasional squirrel we were the only ones at or around our campsite!
Before we set up camp Colby decided to cast out a couple of times and try out his fishing pants..
You might notice that its seems that Colby has changed his allegiance to Carolina to the Sundevils.. no worries. Kazzi just ate his favorite Carolina hat (bad dog) we found the same exact hat at marshalls, the only difference, it was Sundevils instead of Tarheels!

We were only at the lake maybe a total of 10 minutes because we could hear the thunder and wanted to set up our tent before the storm came in. We were able to get set up and start a fire just in time for it to start pouring down rain! Luckily there was a little shelter for us to sit in on our campsite!

After the rain was over we had to restart our fire. A couple wet branches and lots of gasoline later we had a nice fire to cook our delicious tin foil dinners in, and of course roast marshmallows!
We headed to bed and had planned to go hiking in the morning, but it was raining again and we decided to just start heading back! It of course decided to stop raining so we stopped at a couple places a long the way to tkae pictures and walk/climb around!

 Colby's Truck

 There was a wildfire a couple years ago that destroyed most of the forest. Alot of the trees ended up looking like this. Pretty cool!

Mountains for miles and miles! You can see one of the roads in this pictures, looks like the one that we had to take to get up there!!
We had a great time and cant wait to go camping again! The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and not to cold at night!!
The weather is finally becoming bearable here! It was 90* today! So much better than 110+!!

Dobbins Point

Tyler  & Claire had mentioned a cool spot that you could see the whole valley from called Dobbins point so we decided to check it out this past Saturday! it was pretty cool.
After you drive 5 miles or so up a windy mountain road you end up at the top where you can see all of the East and West valleys. I wish that it would have been a little clearer out and not so smoggy but it was still gorgeous and cool to see none the less! We were able to make it up just in time for the sunset!

A storm was rolling in! The storms here are awesome because of all the lighting! Its one of the only "free" forms of entertainment that we have found that AZ has to offer!! :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This past weekend we went on another adventure! Its so hard to want to do anything outside here because it is so hot outside, so it seems like you have to drive a couple hours to somewhere cooler or sweat it out! But good news! It is supposed to be in the 90s/70's starting next week! We CANT wait!!!
We found a happy medium and drove about an hour to the Salt River to go tubing. It was still 110 outside but the water was cool enough that you didnt realize how hot it was!
The sucky part of doing things with water is that I cant bring my camera! So all the pics are from other websites.

It was so pretty, the river goes through a national forest with mountains surround you. We were also probably some of the only ones who werent intoxicated. We floated down the river for about 4 hours and saw about a dozen wild horses and even a bald eagle (my first one!)

 just imagine Colby Tyler Claire and Me in this picture

 The wild mustangs
some of the views, probably in the spring or winter

So we decided to invest in some inflatable kayaks! They should be here tomorrow and we cant wait for more adventures out on the lakes/rivers!
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