Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This past weekend we went on another adventure! Its so hard to want to do anything outside here because it is so hot outside, so it seems like you have to drive a couple hours to somewhere cooler or sweat it out! But good news! It is supposed to be in the 90s/70's starting next week! We CANT wait!!!
We found a happy medium and drove about an hour to the Salt River to go tubing. It was still 110 outside but the water was cool enough that you didnt realize how hot it was!
The sucky part of doing things with water is that I cant bring my camera! So all the pics are from other websites.

It was so pretty, the river goes through a national forest with mountains surround you. We were also probably some of the only ones who werent intoxicated. We floated down the river for about 4 hours and saw about a dozen wild horses and even a bald eagle (my first one!)

 just imagine Colby Tyler Claire and Me in this picture

 The wild mustangs
some of the views, probably in the spring or winter

So we decided to invest in some inflatable kayaks! They should be here tomorrow and we cant wait for more adventures out on the lakes/rivers!

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