Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's her birthday!!

Wow.. somehow my little sister has grown up and is turning 18 today!
She is so amazing and I love that I get to be her sister!
She has accomplished so much this past year, she is student body president at her high school, has great grades! Just landed her first job ever and will be life guarding this summer! Has an awesome personality that people just cant get enough of, is incredibly out going and awesome!
I wish you the best 18th birthday Karli Breanne!
I cant wait to see you for your GRADUATION!!!!!


I'm a reading machine!

I know that I have talked about my Nook on here and how much I love it. The truth is, I have never read so many books in such a short amount of time!
In the past 6 weeks I have read at least 6 books! It's been amazing! So heres a rundown on a couple that I have read...

The Giver -by Lois Lowry

This book is very interesting and is set in a society of sameness. The people in the book have no choices. Their schedules and lives are planned for them, even down to the clothes that they where and the jobs that they take on as adults.
As I read this, I realized how grateful I am to live in a country where we are free and also for Free Agency.
I remember reading this in school and not really fully understanding it. It was an assigned reading of course..
but as I went back to read I was able to really appreciate this novel.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - by John Boyne

This book is set in Germany during WWII. The story follows young innocent Bruno as his fathers job as commandent takes them to a place called "Out-With". All Bruno know is that the Furor has sent them there and he has had to leave his lovely life in Berlin to come to a horrible place, just for his Fathers job.
This is a fictional story but is still very interesting to see the happenings through the eyes of innocent children.
I highly recommend watching this movie as well, but a fair warning, You will bawl your eyes out.

Water for Elephants - by Sara Gruen

I wanted to read this book because the movie was coming out and it looked like it was going to be pretty good. I was a little surprised when I first started reading the book for a couple reasons. First, I couldnt put it down. Jacob's story was so intriguing and had me wanting to know more. Second, The circus. I have never been to a circus but the way he describes it makes it sound so magical. Third, I am used to reading young adult novels and church books, and this book had a little more adult comtent than I am used to.
Anyways it was a fantastic book and I Highly suggest reading it!
Colby was sweet enough to take me to see the movie on opening day last Friday. We were surrounded by teenage girls and had to sit 2nd row but it was still a great movie. Another must see!

Well the next series I am going to read is the Girl with the Dragon tattoo. Has anyone read these? Are they any good?

Anyways, Kind of a boring update with no pictures! Sorry!
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