Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Bath!

Yes my child is over 4 weeks old and just received his first bath today! He now smells delicious and I just want to eat him up!

Colby weighed him this morning and the scale said he weighed 11lbs 8 oz! I dont know how accurate that was, but we have a dr appt in the morning so I guess we will find out then!


One more....

Sweet little smile! 

sweet baby Tatum!

I cant believe it has already been 4 weeks since Tatum joined our family!
He is such a joy and seriously the best baby we could have asked for! We just love him and smother him with kisses (the dogs too) all day long!

He is growing and getting so big! He was 9 lbs 13 oz at his last appt on 7-31 and I am pretty sure he has now passed the 10lb mark!
He is obviously great at eating, but we are still working on breastfeeding. He is still a little lazy in that department.
He is starting to give us little smiles!
He went on his first road trip to Las Vegas when he was only 2.5 weeks old! He slept the entire drive both ways and it was fun to go visit the family!
He lost his cord at his 3 week dr appt, I was pretty sure it was never going to come off!
He still hasnt had his first bath, he has a scab that I was waiting to heal where his cord came off, but Im starting to get impatient. Hopefully this week we can graduate from the sponge baths!
He loves his music time! I play the baby einstein pandora station for him and he just lays there and kicks around for an hour or two! Which is why the ipod is in several of these pictures!
He went to church for the first time on 8-5-12! We only went to sacrament, but he was great!
He is a great sleeper! I feel really blessed for this one, I think he knows how much his parents need a good nights sleep in order to function! He slept for 8.5 hours on 08-06 and on 08-08! He typically will sleep a 6-7 hour stretch followed by a 4 hour stretch, which has pretty much been his schedule since his third day home! We wont talk about night 2....

We love our Tatum boy!
Now some picture overload!

Harrison @ 6. 5 weeks and Tatum @ 2.5 weeks! I was so glad I got to catch up with Ann and meet her new little man before they headed back to Provo!

Im full of trouble.. and poop! :)

First of many visits to Bass Pro Shops. It made him hungry!

Best Friends! Kazzi can usually be found somewhere near Tatum. I think he kinda likes him.

My Sunday Best and Music Time!

No more kisses Bears!


Just getting chubby!


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