Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out of Africa Park

I have always gotten the groupon emails but never caved and bought one, until now! They had a deal for the Out of Africa wildlife park in Camp Verde (about an hour and half away) for 50% off. Normally tickets are $36 a person, so that made them $18 a person. Then I had a coupon for $15 off my first groupon purchase, so we were able to go for a grand total of $21 + tax! It was so much fun!
They have a safari tour you can go on where you can feed the giraffe and camels. The zebras, ostrich, and other animals come up to the bus and the driver will feed them. They have a ton of exotic cats that are in enclosures that you can actually see them , and they do a fun Tiger Splash activity where the tiger chases toys and jumps into the pool! It was a great experience!
I was a little nervous being outside with Tatum that long, but he did great! The weather was slightly cooler than it is here in the valley and was in the low 90s. I know that sounds hot, but it is sweet relief from the 100+ we normally have!
We did have a nice blowout (the poopy kind) during our safari ride, so he got cleaned up mid bus ride. That was fun! Luckily I came prepared and packed an extra outfit and lots of extra diapers!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Sacked out!

The bear kept following this little boy back and forth..I think he was hungry.

2 months

I cant believe two months has gone by already! Tatum is pretty much the best thing ever! We are crazy about him, and luckily I think he likes us too! He is the sweetest boy around! He has grown so much this past month! The dr said he is doing great! He does have a flat spot on his head that we are trying to work on right now so we dont have to get a helmet...Really dont want a helmet. He was a trooper for his shots and only cried for a second, then fell asleep in my arms walking back to the car! We still have to get one more, since they were out of it at our appt.
His new stats as of 09/17/12 are:

Weight: 13lbs 12 oz (80%)
Height: 24.5 Inches (95%)
I cant remember his head measurements, but Im sure its large too!

He still LOVES music!
Loves to smile at me when I go to wake him up, get him out of his carseat, look at him funny, and sing him twinkle twinkle! It melts my heart every.single.time.
Loves to read books! We read a couple books for our bedtime routine every night, and he coos non stop the entire time!
Loves bath time!
Loves to look at himself in the mirror!
Loves to smile for everyone and make friends wherever we go!
and Loves to sleep! He slept 12 hours on 09/16, typically sleeps 10 hours though.
and most recently started sucking his thumb.
I moved him to his crib on 09/10 and he has done great! He loves it and we love sleeping better! :)

Happy Baby!

First night in crib

Caught in the act

The other day I was cooking and had Tatum in his rocker. I turned around and found him doing this...

Then, later in the afternoon during his nap, he managed to do this!

Looks like we have a little thumb sucker on our hands! Like Mother Like Son...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fun with Tatum

Here are a couple random pictures from the past couple of weeks!
I was throwing goldfish at Colby and they landed on Tatum! oops!! haha!

 Favorite napping place
All my boys!

Wait a second...

Swimming with Daddy!

Grandpa LOVES Tatum!

Chubba Cheeks!

Love my Grandma Howard!

Tatum's blessing!

We gave Tatum a blessing on September 2nd, 2012! All of my family came to join in the festivities, as well as Colby's mom and dad! It was so much fun to have everyone over, and spend time with family! Tatum got to wear the same blessing outfit his daddy wore when he was blessed! Im glad we didnt wait any long to do it because it was a little snug and I dont think it would have fit this week! He is growing like a weed!!

First Swim!

Since we have a pool, I want Tatum to be really familiar with the water. So, I started him early!
He took his first dip at 5 weeks! He loved it! We now go to a baby swim class every Wednesday (until he is 6 months) and learn and practice our front and back floats, as well as getting water poured on our heads!When he turns 3 months we go under the water! He enjoys every second of it!

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