Wednesday, June 25, 2008

plan,plan, plan

well wedding planning is going good!
Colby and I have taken our engagement pictures
We have began to put together our invites.
We have The temple date reserved.
I have my dress :)
the bridesmaid dresses have a pattern/fabric
we have (3) photographers that we are trying to pick between.
we have a decorator
we are 80% sure we have a caterer/cake maker
I know what kind of cake I want
flowers are being purchased so the bouquets can be made
centerpieces have been designed and 75% purchased
plane tickets have been purchased
colby is getting measured for a tux this week (supposedly...)
Everything is coming together!!!
Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly!

Things about the South

Last friday, I went to watch Colby play softball. It was fun, Christal and I sat and cheered on Colby and Chris, and they won!
Im sure our cheering was what caused that! :)
That wasnt the exciting part for me...
The exciting part for me was when we got back to Chris and Christal's, it was about 845 and the sun was almost down. Then I saw them!
I love fireflies! My eyes lit up and I immediately began to try and catch some... (note tried)
I remember being out in Arkansas when I was little we would go to my cousin's house and we would run around trying to capture them!
If you have never experienced this bug phenomenon then I highly suggest this southern treat!

This is the best picture I found of them. They are Pretty neat!

Lighting bugs are probably my favorite type of bug (to go a long with caterpillars turn butterflies and rolly pollies) All others, I despise.

NOTE: There are A LOT of others around here.
Especially the ones that attacked my legs while picking raspberries the other night.
How rude of them to make my legs itch like crazy and make me unable to wear anything other than pants in the high 90 degree weather we are having!
We think they were chiggars? (Where they came up with that name anyways..) For years, I thought they were an imaginary bug people talked about that went along with ticks. Just so they could say, "Watch out for all the ticks and chiggars!"

NOTE (also): I would MUCH rather be bitten by chiggars than ticks...
The worst part of the leg bites, Colby (who wore basketball shorts while picking raspberries) did not get ONE bite! I on the other hand who had rolled up my pants to a long time of capri, am covered.... A little unfair I think!

Those are some things about the South. Things I never saw in Vegas, bugs hardly exist out there before they are fried by the heat. Things that make it more interesting to live out here. Oh, the things I do for love... :0D

Monday, June 2, 2008

wedding planning...

IS it over yet?? I have barely began planning, and already it is driving me crazy! Invitations we a mess so I played with paper so my mom had some ideas...i cut my finger in the process...haha! The flowers were fun! Christal went with me to Michaels and we found some nice flowers that could all possibly go together! Now Colby and I are taking our engagement pictures on Saturday! Im looking forward to that! Then from there.. who knows where!!!

Las Vegas!!

So I went back home for Memorial Day weekend! It was one crazy, hectic short trip! There was so much to do, so many things I wanted to do! and no time to do them all.
I was excited to see my family! It was the first time I had seen them since I moved out here.
I got in late thursday night, about 11:30 Pacific Time. I hardly slept on the flight, so I was tired. After we got my baggage, which was one of the last ones out of the claim (of course) we headed home! But we stopped for a bite to eat at In N Out first! I just had to have one of their double double protein style burgers! Yumm! I had been craving one of those since I left!
We had to get up early to head to St George. me, Mom, Mama, and Karli all went up there so that I could find a wedding dress! First I got my hair done by my friend Kate who is in hair school. It was good to see her and how much she has grown! After the salon we went to Bridal Elegance. I tried on SOoo many dresses. This nice girl Kendra helped me, and we went through and picked out the favorites and finally narrowed it down to "The One". So we got that out of the way and went shopping for the rest of the day! We got back to town around 730. I went to go visit The Burn's. It was good to see them! I spent a lot of time at their house before I left. I tried to go visit some other people, but no one was home. Then my whole family went to see Indiana Jones! It was good!! I've always like the Indiana Jones movies though!
Saturday was interesting. I had to get up early because I had a facial at 8. Chong was the lady that was giving me the facial. I was a little nervous, she didnt speak very good English, and there was NO ONE else in the shop...I am still alive though and I still have a face so she did a good job.
After that me and my mom went and picked up my sister and went to go get a body wrap. It was awesome! Me and my sister both lost 1% body fat and 4-5 inches total just from sitting there in the wrap for an hour. It also has a lot of health benefits. I am anxious to go back and get another one!
Then we went to my friend Shaqueita's reception. It was so cool to see her and her husband! I also got to see several old friends that I hadnt seen in a long time! We all got to catch up and talk about our lives!
I was supposed to hang out with Ann that night, but she had to go off and get engaged so I'll let that one go! We got engaged the same week, and we will be getting married one week apart! :)
Sunday was church day. I went to my parents ward, then went to singles ward to see some of my friends. There was about 15 total people there because it was a holiday weekend, but I saw the leaders and got to talk to them for a couple of minutes.
We had carne asada for dinner, that me and my mother bravely went into the Carniceria for. We were the only white people, and it felt as if we were in a completely different country. I even got to speak a little espanol to the guy behind the counter telling him how much meat we wanted. We all relaxed the rest of the day and some friends stopped by to say hello!
Im glad I got to see my family and friends, even though it was short! I will be out there again in August!

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