Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things about the South

Last friday, I went to watch Colby play softball. It was fun, Christal and I sat and cheered on Colby and Chris, and they won!
Im sure our cheering was what caused that! :)
That wasnt the exciting part for me...
The exciting part for me was when we got back to Chris and Christal's, it was about 845 and the sun was almost down. Then I saw them!
I love fireflies! My eyes lit up and I immediately began to try and catch some... (note tried)
I remember being out in Arkansas when I was little we would go to my cousin's house and we would run around trying to capture them!
If you have never experienced this bug phenomenon then I highly suggest this southern treat!

This is the best picture I found of them. They are Pretty neat!

Lighting bugs are probably my favorite type of bug (to go a long with caterpillars turn butterflies and rolly pollies) All others, I despise.

NOTE: There are A LOT of others around here.
Especially the ones that attacked my legs while picking raspberries the other night.
How rude of them to make my legs itch like crazy and make me unable to wear anything other than pants in the high 90 degree weather we are having!
We think they were chiggars? (Where they came up with that name anyways..) For years, I thought they were an imaginary bug people talked about that went along with ticks. Just so they could say, "Watch out for all the ticks and chiggars!"

NOTE (also): I would MUCH rather be bitten by chiggars than ticks...
The worst part of the leg bites, Colby (who wore basketball shorts while picking raspberries) did not get ONE bite! I on the other hand who had rolled up my pants to a long time of capri, am covered.... A little unfair I think!

Those are some things about the South. Things I never saw in Vegas, bugs hardly exist out there before they are fried by the heat. Things that make it more interesting to live out here. Oh, the things I do for love... :0D

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