Wednesday, June 25, 2008

plan,plan, plan

well wedding planning is going good!
Colby and I have taken our engagement pictures
We have began to put together our invites.
We have The temple date reserved.
I have my dress :)
the bridesmaid dresses have a pattern/fabric
we have (3) photographers that we are trying to pick between.
we have a decorator
we are 80% sure we have a caterer/cake maker
I know what kind of cake I want
flowers are being purchased so the bouquets can be made
centerpieces have been designed and 75% purchased
plane tickets have been purchased
colby is getting measured for a tux this week (supposedly...)
Everything is coming together!!!
Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly!


Wendi said...

Good luck!
Sounds like it is all coming together.
Please let us know of any important dates.
We are usually the last to know.
Love the pictures of you and Colby on the sidebar!

Brooke and Kent said...

Sounds like fun. I wish I was there to help! Oh Well.... See you guys in like 2 MONTHS!!!!

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