Monday, June 2, 2008

wedding planning...

IS it over yet?? I have barely began planning, and already it is driving me crazy! Invitations we a mess so I played with paper so my mom had some ideas...i cut my finger in the process...haha! The flowers were fun! Christal went with me to Michaels and we found some nice flowers that could all possibly go together! Now Colby and I are taking our engagement pictures on Saturday! Im looking forward to that! Then from there.. who knows where!!!


Haderlie Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the magnolias.!! Let me know if you need suggestions. you know I am good at that.

Wendi said...

Nope. Not over.
Hang in there.
Just relax and enjoy.
(Easier said than done)
Everything will come together.
I can't wait to see your engagement photos.
Let us know when and where all the wedding festivities will be.
Look forward to seeing you soon!

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