Wednesday, March 18, 2009

adventure at the Gardens

It stopped raining for a couple hours on Sunday so we took advantage and went to Bog Garden and The Bicentennial Garden. I guess all the animals were as anxious to get out as we were because they were everywhere! 
For some awesome flower/bud pics check out my photo blog.

This was sunday after church, after our afternoon nap, and the lovely humid air....which explains my awful look...


I baked my first loaf of bread the other night (without a bread machine). It was a light wheat bread and turned out tasting pretty good! It was a lot easier than I was expecting, but I had THIS great recipe  to follow!! Colby was impressed!

Rub a dub dub...

Theres a Krone in the tub!

This little guy is always keeping Colby and I entertained!

The big 2-3!

Colby had his 23rd birthday on Monday! 
He said said he now officially felt old!  We celebrated by going to Chili's (thanks Mom) and walking around Target to get contact solution... I know, i know, we are party animals!! 
Colby is such a wonderful husband to me and I am so blessed to have him in my life!  I love him and all of his goofy faces! 

I made him cupcakes on Sunday to celebrate! I was proud of the frosting, but it started melting down before I could get a picture!!

 I had bought a Williams-Sonoma frosting/decorator and only have attempted to use it once. I use the word attempted because they turned out pretty disastrous!! These turned out so much better! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Before & After

Just to show you how much the condo has "transformed"  here are before and after pics of last year and now.....
living room before...

kitchen before..

Now the afters...

****I would like to thank Brittany for helping me decorate and make it feel more like a home!*****

something new

Back in January, Colby & I decided to do a little remodeling. We (meaning Colby) pulled out all of the carpet in the dining room and the linoleum (sp?) from the kitchen. He did it almost all by himself with some help from CHris and the tools and advice from his Dad! 
I think it turned out great and completely changes the look of the condo! 
Krone loves being able to slide across the floor trying to catch his toys!

What do you think??
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