Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best gift giver, life, and other things

I am not a good gift giver. If you tell me too far in advance what you want then I will more than likely forget..and get you socks. It is just not my gift... haha
Colby on the other hand is the Best gift giver! Although he can never wait to give the gifts!
For Christmas/(beginning of November) see what I mean! He gave me a Nook! I had heard about the e-readers but never really thought twice about them. I love to read, but books are pricey, especially for a one time read! The nook solves those problems! Thousands of books are available FREE online and tons of newer books are available for a fraction of the cost of a real book!
I have read 6 maybe 7 book since I got the nook! I recently started The Hunger Games series.... seriously awesome! If you have not read them yet I suggest you do!

Then for my birthday Colby gave me an external hardrive! I have been asking for one for a while now to store my thousands of pics on and now I have one! And on top of it he is going to take me to DC for some fun! I am super excited because I booked a tour of the capitol building & the washington monument! They are too packed in the summer but not a lot of tourists in the dead of winter! :) Now if only we could tour the White house too! That would be awesome! What makes it even cooler is that I just finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol (also so awesome, couldnt put it down!) and its all about the symbolism in DC, so I am excited to go and see it from a different perspective!
In other news... I was called to be the YW basketball coach! Woohoo! It is so much fun, the girls are great, there havent been any fights :), and I love it! I was also called back into the primary to teach the 9 year olds! THe first lesson I had to teach was on Mary & Joseph how Jesus is the Son of God. I of course am super awkward and find the most awkward things in the lessons. I never realized the Bible talks about "being together" so often. Hopefully I did it with more grace than I felt I did and they didnt go home and ask how babies are made...
Colby has been going through some changes at work! He is currently in a temporary role as a Coach for the training class. He loves it (He loves to tell people what to do :) haha ). Then we had a huge blow last week when we found out that the AMEX center here in Greensboro is closing down. They are being awesome and really don't want anyone to lose their jobs, so they are offering 3 options: 1. Relocate (Phoenix/Ft Lauderdale/or SLC) 2. Work from Home 3. Severance package
Colby is hoping that he is going to be able to work from home. He meets all the necessary requirements! He is hoping that this will give him more opportunities to eventually open his own business (whatever it may be)!
We feel incredibly blessed to have all of the options available to us, they could have just said everyones losing their jobs effective .... but they didnt.
I am also currently working a small part time job, after my full time one! Its fun and I enjoy it. Since Colby works until 130 in the morning my nights were being filled by laziness, but no longer! I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity!
So as you can see life is a little on the hectic side! Colby and I enjoy our weekends together (our only days together)! The house is still coming together, we havent done much since it has been so cold out but once it warms up we will hopefully get most of it finished! (especially the kitchen... right?? )
Well since I wrote a novel I will go ahead and leave it at that!!

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clauss house said...

I saw you coaching Saturday and it looked like you were having a good time. I would have NO IDEA what to say, drills to do, anything!

What's your new job?

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