Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Day 12-Colby killed our friend.. and was brave enough to get close enough to get this picture...

Day 13-watching me get ready so he can go down stairs.

Day 14-The sky was so blue today. This picture doesnt do it any justice.  It was gorgeous!

Day 15- Colby and I refinished the desk I bought. We tried to paint the knobs but I dont like how they turned out... Ideas appreciated!

Day 16- I thought the one of Kazzi was hilarious and Kroners is just a handsome dog. He had just got a bath before this picture was taken!

Day 17-Colby and I went fishing but ended up catching the turtles instead.

Day 18-The Geico Skytypers wrote a message across the whole sky advertising for the air show and to salute the 9-11 heroes!
Day 19-Love my V-Dub <3

Day 20- Baked a Pizza after church. It was delicious and soo easy to make!

Day 21- Colby has been working on the tile in the master bath.. Almost done!

Day 22- Went to the Spring Garden Bakery to try cupcakes... they didnt have any so I bought some Vegan muffins instead. I loved the Blueberry!

Day 23- The Sunset on my drive home today.

So I will be better at posting each day. Its too hard to play catch up.


DeAnna said...

I really should show that snake picture to Jason, he HATES snakes! LOL!

I would replace the knobs on the desk, at least that is what I would do. You should be able to find antique-looking ones, but you really have to look.

Great pics!!!

Kerrie said...

I love the desk; Krone does look handsome; and that pic of Kazzi - he looks kind of evil.. LOL. OH, cute snake too!

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