Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Night!

Day 31- Well we had our weekly movie night tonight. Our night started off with some interesting information that left us pondering the rest of the evening. Right when you think there are no BIG decisions to be made in the near future bam. decision time..
we then headed over to the Verizon store to activate Colbys new phone, then to Target to eat a fabulous dinner (see picture below!)!
Then we headed off to Colby softball game that got rain delayed/suspended and they have to finish the last 17 minutes at a later time..even though they were winning 16-2!
After the almost finished game we headed off to the movies and saw Easy A. I thought it was funny, Colby thought it was alright. If I had a choice to see it again I would wait until it came out at redbox..
Then it was midnight when we got home and the dogs were angry monsters!

I know you are jealous of our very own personal pan pizza hut pizza from the target food court!

there was a fire at the day spa next to the movie theatre.. too many candles i guess!


Jayson and Casey said...

What's the interesting bit of information? You're pregnant? :-)

Brooke and Kent said...

yes that is my question exactly. I don't think your pregnant but I want to know the news.

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