Thursday, July 15, 2010

why.. good morning!

So I got up this morning, took the dogs out, went back in, walked into the bathroom, looked out the window. Wait.. what is that in the window? A leaf? junk from the gutters? I got a little closer... those are definitely ears... OH. look for youself what greeted me on this lovely morning!

Can you tell what it is?? A Bat! He squeezed himself in between the two screens because they were open! 

Needles to say I woke Colby up so that he could see it too! His response "Thats freakin awesome!" I'm not sure how awesome it is that we now house a flying creature of the night, along with a family of chipmunks, several squirrels, a fat cat that I've seen jumping the back fence, and several lizards.. Maybe we should have bought a farm! :)


Jayson and Casey said...

Whoa!! He's HUGE!!!

Amy said...

That is too funny!

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