Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was looking around on Yahoo one day and found a list of free things. One of the things was language courses. Now, they arent Extremely detailed but they give you the basics and conversation layouts!
Hey, Its a start!
I started last week and have gone through 8 lessons of Spanish so far. There is 12 weeks worth for Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Chinese, Portugese, and German.
I'm on my way to being bilingual, trilingual, quadralingual....etc. :)
To join me on my language journey:
Here's the link



Gwenna said...

That sounds so fun. I can hardly wait to hear you speak. Papa will be impressed. Love you gobbs & bunches. Mama

James and Cindy said...

I wish they had samoan, that way I can learn it, not tell anyone, and then when they all speak it around me I know what they are saying and they all would have no clue I understand!

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