Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 months old

Another month has flown by! Tatum continues to grow and learn new things constantly! It is so amazing watching him discover the world and how to do things!

Tatum is 16lbs 4oz; 26.25 inches long and has a 17" noggin. No wonder my back always hurts now!
Can roll over back to belly and occasionally has rolled belly to back, but forgets he can. This is especially fun when he rolls onto his belly in the middle of the night and wakes himself up!
Has discovered his feet! He didnt want to let them go today!
Loves to chat! He talks to us and his toys and his blankets all the time!
Loves his jumperoo! He goes crazy in that thing!
Loves water! Baths and swim class are his favorites!
Started solids. So far, he has had sweet potatoes and bananas and loved the bananas, not so sure about the sweet potatoes.
Loves the camera, he is such a ham!

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