Friday, June 29, 2012

38 weeks and an update!

We have been busy around here! Not only have I been growing a baby, but my mom came to stay with us for a couple of days and then Brooke and Case came to stay with us for a week!
My mom and I did lots of shopping/walking! We had a lot of fun, got Tatum lots of cute clothes, went up to Sedona and walked around, and had a delicious Sprinkles cupcake! I dont know why those things are so good! She went with me to pick up Brooke and we stopped and ate lunch at Cafe Rio, it was a good food week! :)
I had to drop my mom off at the airport later that night, but it was so good to have her stay for more than a night!
Colby and I had a great time with Brooke & Case! They came during the worst possible time of the year temperature wise, I think she was in awe that people actually live here! I had to remind her that 9 months out of the year we have perfect weather, and the other 3 we live in the pool or mountains!
We checked out the Phoenix zoo, which was pretty awesome! We got to see ALL the animals!
Then we went to the Arizona science center! It was pretty neat as well!
Case loved the pool and we spent a couple hours in there every day!

Meanwhile my stomach has been growing and growing... I get the funniest looks when I go out!

37 weeks!

38 weeks! 

Ive been feeling pretty great! Sleep has gotten so uncomfortable. I cant wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again! 
I enjoy the pool pretty much every day! It feels amazing!
Food has become more of a chore than anything else...
As of my Dr's appt today I have made no progress, he described it like a banana. I am a very green banana, I need to become a brown one! :) 
Ive gained 32 lbs, a little more than I wanted, but what do ya do! 
We set up an induction date for my due date! He may come before then, but probably not! Its so nice and relieving to have a finish date! 

So, Only 2 more weeks until we get to meet our baby boy and we cant wait!

Here is some pics of our current babies! I am so interested to see how they act with the baby!

Maybe one of these days I will pull out my REAL camera again! It's been awhile!

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