Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby on Board!

Im not sure if its possible to be in a state of continuous shock for months, but I think that is what I am in.
It started on Monday, November 7th. We had dinner plans with some friends that evening but had to run a few errands first. Colby had to convince me to buy the pregnancy test. I guess I was in denial! we headed home with a few minutes to spare before dinner to take the test. We were shocked by the almost instant positive sign! After a few tears of joy and shock and a questioning how (baby is definitely a surprise!), we headed to dinner! We feel so blessed for this opportunity to have a baby!
Im not sure how we kept it secret until Christmas! It was very hard after being in NC and finding out about my other sister in law and seeing my mom and family a handful of times!

So here the details!

Due Date: July 13th 2012

How far along am I? 12 weeks today!

Most exciting part so far? We heart the heartbeat on December 20th!

How have I been feeling? So far not too bad. Other than being extremely tired and even more picky with food than usual, oh and the occasional mood swing (sorry Colby)! Ive been lucky enough to only lose my meal 2x! Lets hope that number stays the same!

Weight Gain: +0 (not easy during the holidays!) I have been trying to do light excercises during the week and my weekly walks will resume back in January!

Food Cravings/Aversions? Ive really wanted salad, the good kind from restaurants or a salad buffet! I think I could eat it all day long!!! So if anyone wants to bring me a salad, especially a cafe rio one, Im down!!! :)No strong aversions, just different foods that dont sound good day to day!

Showing yet? By the end of the day I feel like my stomach is huge, its not really but it is definitely bigger than it was in the morning! Weekly photos will begin this week!


clauss house said...

Yay! So happy for ya'll!!!

The Colton Fam said...

Yay!! Sooo excited for you guys! I love belly pictures, can't wait to see them!!

Amy said...

I totally crave Cafe Rio salads too!! Just had one yesterday and it was amazing! I'm excited for you and Colby and the new adventure that you are embarking on. Congrats!

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