Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with a surprise!

Christmas came way too fast this year, and now its already past!
We decorated with as soon as Thanksgiving was over, but it was still hard to get in the Christmas spirit. Something about palm trees and 70 degree weather just doesnt feel like Christmas!

We drove up to Vegas on the Friday before Christmas to celebrate! We had a great time and it actually started to feel like Christmas! The freezing temperature might have helped! :)
My parents house was decorated beautifully! We went to "Christmas Dinner" at the Boulder Station buffet for lunch on Saturday because mama had to work and we had to leave in the early afternoon on Christmas to get back for Colby to go to work on Monday.
We went to church early Sunday morning, and had the shortest Sacrament meeting ever. 45 minutes! We sang 5 songs and then headed back to the house to open our gifts!
We were spoiled with gifts! Colby stepped up into the digital world and we got an Ipod Touch! and my mom got be an external flash and diffuser for my camera! Colby and I were amazed at the difference it makes in inside flash pictures!
We of course saved the best presents for last! I went and got them out of our room while my brother and sister were opening their last presents. I set them on the ground in front of me while everyone was just talking. Karli spotted them and said, "why are mour presents by you?" I just played it off like it was an accident... I told them to go ahead and open them. Kenny opened his first, blank stare. What is this? He showed it around and everyone was kind of confused for a minute. Then it clicked! My mama was the first to shout it out, Does that mean you are pregnant?? Yes, Yes it does. I told Karli to open hers as well.

No one suspected it!
We were able to tell Colbys family the previous Thursday night when they were opening all of their gifts. Mike and Dalene received a family tree from all of the kids and we had Brittany put an ultrasound pic by us. They were a little bit confused and thought the pictures was in the wrong place, since my other sis in law Christal is also expecting, but they eventually got it with some prodding from Brittany! They were all very surprised since we were out there only a couple weeks before!
So it was a very merry Christmas! Im am so bleesed to have a wonderful family and to have married into an equally wonderful one!

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