Friday, December 23, 2011


November was a crazy month for us! Crazy in a good way of course! We started off the month slow and then went out of town for 10 days back to North Carolina!
Colby had a 3 day fishing trip with one of his brothers and his dad planned , they had a blast! Of course no one took any pictures of their fantastic catches but it sounds like they caught a lot... They were even kind enough to bring a couple back to eat for dinner!
While he played I stayed back in Greensboro and worked and had some lunch dates! It was so much fun to be able to catch up with friends!
I am glad that we were able to take a trip back and spend time with everyone! We even got to see Brooke and Kent and most importantly Case for a full 24 hours! That beats the last time we saw them for 2 hours!
Here is one of our family pictures from our pre thanksgiving celebration -

Sadly these were the only pictures I took!! OOps! Then to top it off I left my camera in NC so I didnt take any pictures except for phone ones the rest of the month!
We got back just a few days before Thanksgiving, which we were hosting so we got everything ready for the big celebration!
It was so fun having my whole family here! 
We baked up a storm, and did equally as much shopping!

One of the 2 big pumpkin  cheesecakes Karli and I made!
We attempted at taking family pictures right before we ate dinner, but everyone was starving and ready to eat!

Well that pretty much sums up November! It was a crazy and busy month! I cant believe December is almost gone and over with now! 2011 Really flew by!

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