Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011  was kind of a crazy year! It was also the longest year ever! I am excited for what 2012 will bring!
Heres a rundown of what we did this year!


We went on a last minute trip to Washington DC! We made it there right after a snow storm and it was beautiful! Even though it was freezing outside there were no crowds and we were able to do everything we wanted to! I love DC and already miss being so close to so much history!

We were tormented this month with the news of the Greensboro Call Center closing and having to make a decision on whether Colby should find a new job, work from home, or transfer to a new place!
That pretty much sums up that month!


We made a trip out to Phoenix with AMEX where Colby was offered a promotion if we transferred. Looks like our decision was made for us!
It looked like our new scenery was going to change from heavily wooded area to this:

We enjoyed one of our last months in Greensboro by spending time with family and driving around Greensboro! Nothing too exciting!


We started to finish up our packing and then headed on a 7day 8 night cruise through the Western Caribbean! It was the perfect break from all the chaos!! We also experienced our first crash while we were mopeding in MExico! Definitely something we will never forget!!

I left my job of 3+ years! We packed up the Budget truck and made our way to Arizona! We miraculously made it in 2 days! We got all settled into our house and tried to gain our bearings! Oh and enjoyed our new pool!! My sister also graduated from High School and we were able to be there to celebrate! Colby also bought a new truck!

My family came down to celebrate the fourth of July with us!

I was able to spend a week in Las Vegas with my family and was also able to catch up with lots of friends!
We also went up to Slide Rock State Park in Sedona with the Coltons!

 We took our first camping trip and went tubing down the salt river!

We went camping again, I endured a treachurous (sp?) hike straight up a mountain! We went to Vegas and went on a double date with my brother! And went to California to go to Disneyland and a quick stop at the beach! It was quite the busy month!

We found out that we were expecting! We went to Greensboro for 10 days! and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving in Arizona with my family!


Mike and Dalene came to visit us and we went to see the Mesa Temple Christmas lights! We relaxed! and we went to celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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