Saturday, May 17, 2008

My first time going Strawberry Pickin'

One thing I could never do in Vegas.
Pick Strawberries!
It was wonderful! and cheap!
Usually at the store you can buy 10 berries for 3 bucks! 
I got a whole HUGE basket (see pic) for
I have been wanting to go do this since I found out that it was the season for it,
but havent wanted to go by myself.. So luckily, Christina wanted to go to!
Then I got an email from some of the YSA girls saying they were going today!
Yes! I was in luck! So me and Christina decided to go!
We met at the church then headed over to the farm. 
It was on a side of town, I have never been too...
The East part of town.. I like to stick here to the on the West! 
It was a pretty big farm! They had a large tomato greenhouse, squash garden, Beehives, and then the strawberries.
We picked and filled out baskets rather quickly! There were just so many! 
So all in all, it was fun!
After we picked we went back and enjoyed a nice strawberry dessert.
Lauren made brownies, a pudding, heavy whipped topping mix, and it was completed with strawberries! :)
So that was my day, we plan on making jam. Leda, Christina, and I have never done it and decided we should probably learn! That should be a fun adventure happening later this week!

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Gwenna said...

Brings back a lot of old memories of my childhood! Except it wasn'too pleasant for me! I never got to go to school during strawberry pickin' time! so I missed all my friends. but, I did love to eat those strawberries and no one can make strawberry shortcake like my mama which is your great granny! Love you! Bye MaMa

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