Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It happened! I am now officially engaged! And I can't wipe the smile off my face!

Colby had told me that I would be going on a scavenger hunt on Tuesday afterwork, I was excited! It was something out of the ordinary for him to "plan" something like this. So I got home on Tuesday and there was a clue on my door.

It directed me to Harris Teeter, where I had to go and ask the customer service for my next clue! The lady could not keep the grin off of her face as she handed me the clue!

The next clue sent me down the road to Jam's Deli. Colby and I had been out to eat there once before and had an enjoyable time! I went up to ask cashier for the next clue. It was the same girl that had been there when Colby and I had been before. She was... strange. and she had a HUGE Hickey on her neck... which was gross. She handed me my next clue, a long with a small Dubble Bubble duck toy. It was cute.

The next clue sent me to a pottery painting place. Colby and I had gone down there one day, the same day we went to Jams, so that we could paint some pottery! Unfortunately, it was closed so we couldnt. SO I went inside and asked for my next clue. This clue came with a small ceramic pedestal sink. It is blue with black polka dots, very cute!

The next clue sent me to Bicentennial gardens... bathroom!! It was the only place that a clue would be safe! Especially since it was very windy, and there was some rain! The clue was in the corner with some white roses. I pricked myself with the thorns when I went to pick them up!

It was the last clue. It sent me back to my condo! Where dinner and even some dessert would be...waiting..

I hurried home! But when I got there, there was no COLBY! I had gone a little bit too fast, about 15 miuntes too fast! I was supposed to wait 15 minutes before I started, but I misread the first clue...

I called Colby, and he said he was on his way back with dinner! I set the table and lit the candles. We like to have candlelight dinners when we actually eat at the table! He came in and got out the food. Then he explained how he went to go get PF Changs, but that didnt work. So he went to a place called US Sushi. It was very good. We had steak (medium-well :)) with stirfry veggies and rice. Also some fried things, Im not sure what exactly what was in them, but they were pretty good!

We cleared the table. Then we were standing in the kitchen and Colby got out some fortune cookies that Brittany had made. Colby opened his and read it. It said " A new phase of life is upon you" and then I went to open mine. They were soft so I just rolled my slip of paper out of it. I read it. Then read it again. It said "Will you Marry Me?"

I didnt read it out loud. I just said "YES"!! Colby was standing right in front of me and he pulled the ring out of his pocket and put it on my finger! It is a PERFECT FIT!

I think we stood there holding each other, for 10 minutes! I just couldnt let go, and neither could he. It was an amazing moment! And I am so excited to start planning the wedding and to be with Colby for All Eternity.


Haderlie Family said...

I have been waiting for this post all day So I could post on mine. I am so glad you said yes. (as if I had any doubt) Just so you know Everything was Colbys Idea I just made the cookies!! Enjoy planning the wedding!!!

Wendi said...

We are beyond excited for you and Colby! I am glad he finally got the "b@***" to do it! (LOL)
Can't wait to hear all the details in person. I must say...I am impressed with his creativity. Happy planning and hope to see you guys soon!

"The Hilarious Howards"

D. said...

Congrats, again, Jen!!! That is so exciting!! Have fun planning!! Let us know when and what not.

with love,

DeAnna, Jason, Triston & Brandi

the howards said...

Jennifer... I'm so happy for you two... like Brittany I've also been waiting for this post! Your ring is beautiful, and I thought the scavenger hunt sounded like so much fun. What a wonderful day it must have been!!! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

HI cooky!!! I am so excited for you. So Colby tried to show the ring before on ebay but the one I thought it was definetally wasn't it. Your ring is georgious! I couldn't understand why he chose a ugly ring but he didn't!! hahah Well I guess we are all married now. hahahah Weird... we are all so old! Welcome to the family. If I can help at all let me know, I just did it last year! hahahaha
Love you!

ps: I need to see a better picture of the ring!

stephanie howard said...

This post was so fun to read! Way to go Colby! Jennifer I have never meet you, but I have heard all kinds of good things about you from Mickey's mom. I can't wait to meet you! Welcome to the Howard family:-)

James and Cindy said...

Congrats again!!! That is very romantic and cute. James and I were just wrestling two days before the wedding and he whispered in my ear and asked me to marry him and then gave me the ring. I hope you enjoy planning the wedding, just remember the most important part to plan takes one phone call to a temple and an interview with the bishop and stake president. Congrats!!!!

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