Friday, May 9, 2008

My first NC major storm

Ever since I was little I have been TERRIFIED of tornadoes! I think the fear came from watching the movie Twister one too many times and then driving through the plains during tornado season and hearing tornado watches on the radio! I had the misconception though that if there were Dark, Ominous clouds anywhere that the land was relatively flat, there WOULD be a tornado! I know this sounds ridiculous, but I was like 8 when I saw this movie and it stuck with me!

So last night I turned on the tv around 815, only to find Sever weather alert and the news team on. I knew that there was supposed to be something better on than news people trying to think of things to say about the storm that was coming in. It said that their was a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning, but most of the weather was a north of me, so I wasnt too concerned.

Then Colby came over and after he discovered there was nothing on, we decided to watch a movie. So we watched The Notebook. That movie is always a good pick. As soon as the credits started rolling, the power went out. Throughout the movie I could hear the wind, rain, and thunder and see the lightning! It was madness out there! I was nervous but tried to just stay watching the movie...

So Colby left around 11:50, and I turn on the news. They are saying that there was a tornado or "really strong rotating winds" that had gone across Brian, Market, Sandy Ridge, parts of the 40, and the 68! There were tractor trailers turned over, damage at the airport and cars off of the road.. this made me extra nervous! I live right behind the airport and within 2-5 miles of all of the roads they were saying were reporting damage! The news started to report more possible tornado touches just to the northeast, with baseball size hail!

I was home alone! I was nervous for Colby to drive through the storm! I wanted to go to sleep so that I could wake up and go to the gym in the morning, but my bed is right next to the window and that was scary!

Finally, my roommate got home around 12:45. She has gone to the gym and they had locked everyone in for safety! So I talked to her for a minute and then went to bed. For whatever reason it was more comforting knowing someone else in was in the house.

I made it to the gym, even though I contemplated going due to the few hours of rest! I read online that there was quite a bit of damage and collapsed building and stuff like that! I got to thinking that I would probably get a lot of calls today for people needing GUY TURNER service. I was right! First call this morning was for a collapsed wall that needed to be lifted. I guess some airplanes had also been overturned and have to be turned over over!

All in all it was one crazy storm! The worst one in the area in over 20 years! And the worst one I have ever been in!! I guess I better get used to weather though! Its a big change from sunny weather all the time, but kind of cool to have!

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Haderlie Family said...

It was loud here too and everytime Cade and I were asleep in la la land it would bang and wake us up. Glad you are OK.

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