Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my first fish!

So yesterday, Colby took me fishing after I got off of work.

We have been cat fishing once before, but it was in November and neither of us caught
 anything! I
 got to his house at exactly 5:40, and we hurried to the lake and got the boat on the water at exactly 6! It was pretty good timing if you ask me! We left the docks and went out into the water, searching for a good fishing hole!
The boat goes fast! It makes me feel like a dog with my head outside the window!

The water was like glass! It was a smooth ride over to the spot! We had been on an afternoon drive a couple of weeks a go and came a cross a part of the lake where we saw 2 huge fish jumping out of the water! We figured we could find some good fish there!

It was a pretty secluded area, next to a stretch of road. However, we were not alone! There were about 12 umm, trashy teenagers hanging out ono the banks! They had their dogs and their fishing poles, there were two girls watching the guys make fools of themselves. Colby and I tried to ignore their ignorant conversations, however we did find ourselves giggling at some of the things they were talking about. Its times like this when I think to myself, "I know Im in the South when..."

So we stayed in that spot and I caught my FIRST fish! I cant say much for its size... it was basically the size of a large goldfish, but it was still a catch! However...I hooked it too far and I dont think it made it too long after we released it! :( I felt bad! I only caught one more, it was about the same size as the first one. I kept missing the bobber go down and I couldnt bait my worms right on the hook so they were being eaten before I could catch anything...

Colby caught 5 or 6 of the little fish too! No luck with catching Poppy McPopperson...I guess thats the lingo for the "Big One"!

We stayed out until about 8 and then headed back! The sunset was gorgeous and the weather was too! We didnt get in the water, but it was pretty warm for this time of year! The lake is on an energy plant of sorts and I guess it keeps the water warm! It was fun to just go out on the lake and relax with Colby and fish!


Haderlie Family said...

I cant wait to see the picture of this! Cade has always wanted a goldfish pond.

Haderlie Family said...

What was that!!! How did you even know you had caught anything? Fun times!

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