Friday, March 15, 2013

North Carolina

In December, we went to North Carolina to visit Colbys family for Christmas! It was Tatums first airplane ride and even though I was stressed about it, he did great!
It was so wonderful seeing family and introducing Tatum to everyone! We even got to meet the newest (at least the newest in December) cousin, Logan! He made Tatum look like a monster sized baby!
During our trip we drove down to the coast to check out Grandma & Grandpa Howards property and house. Tatum was able to meet his Great Grandma Howard and see the Atlantic ocean! He also got to "open" his first presents! This made him a pro-present opener for the rest of his presents!

It was so nice being able to visit all of the Howard family! We definitely miss them and cant wait to visit them again soon!

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