Saturday, March 16, 2013

8 months old

Ok, Time can stop going by in lightning speed now! How is it possible that Tatum is 8 months old?

He is the silliest, happiest baby I know. He LOVES people! Everywhere we go he is giving the stare down to people until he gets their attention, then gives them the biggest smile and giggle! It makes my day every times and I hope/think it makes most peoples too!

He is on the go! He is crawling everywhere, getting into everything, and now pulling up to stand on all the furniture! We had lots of head bumps this past month with mastering crawling on the tile, but he really seems like he has it down this week!

He has an attitude. Take away his food or move him away from something he isnt supposed to have and you will not hear the end of it, well for 30 seconds. Then he goes off to the next thing!

Most guaranteed ways to get him to smile and giggle right now are singing twinkle twinkle, 5 little monkeys, or making turtle sounds. You didnt know turtles made sounds? Well in this house they go, bloop, bloop, bloop and Tatum cracks up every single time!

Loves his puppers. They love him too, especially when he has food! He has learned how to hold his hand out to feed them...

Can clap, wave, and play the drums on the couch!

I am attempting to potty familiarize him.. I know it might sounds crazy, but he has pooped twice on the potty this week and peed a couple of times! I dont plan on having him potty trained anytime soon, but I think it helps for the future if we talk about and familiarize now! We will see how it goes..

He is such a little stinker, you can tell he knows it in these pictures!

And here are his Official 8 month photos!

This is the Colby look of "Are you serious?"

Trying to run away!

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