Friday, March 15, 2013

5 months old!

Tatum turned 5 months old the day we returned from North Carolina! We had a photo session to celebrate, of course!

Tatum learned:
How to roll back to belly (11/14)
How to sit up unassisted (12/19)

He decided that he hated solids and would puke with just a taste of anything. This was so frustrating for me. I wanted him to eat, but he was just not having it.

With the new found skill of rolling and sitting up, came a new struggle with sleeping. He would roll to his belly and wake up angry. Then once he learned how to sit up, he would get so excited and sit up in his crib and cry while he was supposed to be sleeping. He finally figured out he liked sleeping on his belly and sitting up became not as exciting.

He is such a joy and the happiest baby around!

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