Monday, June 13, 2011

We made it!!

We made it to Phoenix (glendale) after a very long (35 hours) ride in the budget truck!! We did it in two days, which was a little crazy! The trip went pretty smoothly! The dogs were wonderful! They both laid on my lap almost the entire trip! The worst part was the last 4 hours of the trip! It is basically all coming down mountains. So it was dark, we were driving a budget truck, pulling a car, and running off very little sleep after waking up at 430 central time that morning! But I am here to blog about it today! :)

We love our house! We were a little crazy and bought it without ever seeing it in person. We trusted our realtor and he did a great job! Its in a pretty good neighborhood, across from a park, and is huge! It feels much bigger than our last house even though its only 200 more square feet! It has 4 beds/2 baths and a pool that is already getting lots of use!

It has fresh paint and brand new carpet in all the bedrooms! So no painting for us!! It does need some updates but nothing needs to be done right away! It was clean and ready for moving in!!

Here are a few pictures of the pretty much done rooms!

We do have one room that we are not quite sure what to do with. It is technically the Formal living & dining room but we have no need for either of those. Its a long room and is in the front of the house. Any suggestions??
We have all of our bookcases but since we already have two couches we dont really need another one..

So one thing I was worried about was the dogs and the pool. See Kazzi, poor thing, just isnt that smart. He is so sweet and cute, but no brains! I didnt think he could swim! Well he can!!! Its a good thing too because this morning he was running around the pool and slipped in! It scared him to death and I grabbed him out but I couldnt help but laugh!
Krone wont come near the pool.. but Kazzi has decided that he really like relaxing in it as long as someone will join him..

I mean does it get any cuter than that???

Dont worry Krone is adjusting well too! You can usually find him relaxing or chasing kazzi..

Well thats about it for now! It has been the longest week ever but we are adjusting to the changes and enjoying spending time together before work starts next week!


Keith and Christina Collins said...

I love love LOVE your home!! I love the sectional you guys got as well:)! I have to admit....I'm a little envious! I hope you guys have a great new adventure! We will miss you guys here in Greensboro! Hopefully we will be able to visit eventually!!! Love u guys!

clauss house said...

Sounds (and looks) like you're having a great time!

Jayson and Casey said...

Jenifer, it's BEAUTIFUL!!

Brooke Jorgensen said...

I love it!! Its so awesome and I am super Jealous! I will brain storm about that long room and let ya know. haha! Congrats to you guys!!

Brooke said...

I figured it out.... A POOL TABLE! haha.

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