Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life as we know it

So this is our life right now!

We are so excited to move and so sad to leave! It is still surreal!
A part of me cant wait to pull into our driveway and run into the backyard and jump in the pool! The other part is sad to leave the slow pace of the south where Ive really grown to love everything (except the humidity, mosquitos, and other bugs)! The fireflys have just started to come out and play! I love watching them out the window!
One thing I am worried about is traffic. I know that sounds silly but for the past three years I have had basically a straight freeway shot to work with two stop lights and open road! It has been soo nice! I now get nervous around traffic, even though I learned how to drive in Las Vegas and have driven in some of the worst traffic there! Oh well! I will just have to get used to it!
My last day of work was last thursday and since then I have been so busy packing, painting, running errands and trying to get everything organized and figured out!
So only 6 days now until we head off to Phoenix, well actually Glendale since that is where we will be living!

1 comment:

DeAnna said...

Big moves are always hardest, but they really are life changing in great ways! I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!!!

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