Friday, June 24, 2011


If I see one more creature, thats not a dog, i might pull my hair out.

We have had an abundance of SCORPIONS!!

See how little that thing is? maybe an inch and half!!
Every night we have to go around and check for these things. We have found 8 too many inside the house.... and went around with a black light outside and found way too many more!!
And just to top of them being scorpions, they are bark scorpions, the most poisonous kind in North America...
So needless to say it has been hard to fall asleep, our bed is currently on the floor, and for what seems like forever before I can fall asleep, all I can feel is scorpions crawling on me...

Then I come in from taking the dogs out, and there is a snake in my house!
It was just a little ground snake but still... why is it in my house??

He got stuck in packing tape (luckily), and unfortunately for him, died in the struggle of getting unstuck.

So, after that and several other things just not going right yesterday I was done...

On a more positive note, we only found one scorpion in the house last night and an exterminator is coming to do an inspection on the house to see where they are coming in from!

After Colby got home we decided to go get our underwater camera pictures developed and explore a little.
We went to the HUGE Cabelas thats right up the road. They have a really neat wildlife museum and small freshwater aquarium.
While we were walking around the museum looking at the mule deer, there was a part that had a hunter manequin and a tent set up. Colby walked in front of it and the manequin started talking in a really loud voice. Colby jumped back 5 feet!!! We both couldnt stop laughing! The best part was other people were around and saw it happen!! So it was a nice little comic relief for the day!
After Cabelas we headed over to the Westgate center, which is a huge shopping/eating center that attaches to Cardinals Stadium and Jobing arena. They were having a crazy bike night. There were atleast 1000 bikes there! They were having live music and they have a much smaller scale version of the bellagio fountains in the center.

Just a few of the many bikes. They had custom choppers, harleys, and speed bikes.
It turned out to be a pretty good night. We are excited to keep exploring and find new things to do.
THe one problem we have is when we ask people what to do around here, there answer is "Oh there is so much to do around here"......
Examples please???
There is just a little update from the Its Really Hot here front!!

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