Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 3

Today was busy! After work the missionaries came for dinner instead of the usual 2 there were 4 of them. I made enchiladas and a new mexican rice recipe i found on Plain Chicken. Dinner was delicious!
I then made chocolate chip cookies and burnt half of them... oh well less for me to eat! :)

Anyone have any tricks on not burning baked goods in a gas oven? Its completely different than our old electric one. I cant seem to get it just right.

Colby and I headed to Garden Ridge got a mirror for our half bath! YAY! and then went to see The Switch!
I thought it was really cute! Maybe not worth $16 cute but still good.

Here is my Day 3 picture.
Colby at the Dollar Store (Our most frequented store...sadly)

He always take the best pictures!

1 comment:

DeAnna said...

My mom uses a gas oven, she hates using my electric one...I'll ask her what the differences are.

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