Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

Well Colby's been at it again... just wanted to keep you updated on the house. Here's the pics of the second bathroom.

So I don't have a good picture of this bathroom before but here is what we did:
Tore out the linoleum, replaced it with tile; Painted all of the baseboards, walls, and cabinet; replaced the toilet; replaced the light fixture; replaced the mirror; and replaced the sink fixture and showerhead.
The only thing left is to paint the ceiling because it started to peel off when we tore off the wallpaper, so thats why it looks the way it does in some of the pictures.
Up next: Hopefully finishing our downstairs floors and tiling the master bath and laundry room... oh and PAINTING!

1 comment:

Cas from Angie's List said...

That looks wonderful! How long did all that work take you?

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