Saturday, August 28, 2010

A couple of things...

Does anyone watch Design Star on HGTV? This season was my first of watching this show and I loved it! Well the other day I found the design blog of the winner Emily Henderson! It's called The Brass Petal and it is simply lovely! She was raised Mormon but no longer follows. She did a comical post though about why there are so many Mormon Blogs, and especially Design Blogs. Anyway I love her style. I am so ready to decorate my house. However... it's not there yet...

Speaking of that. I just wanted to let you know that there is only one... ONE.... completed room in our entire house. Can anyone take a guess what room that could be?
The 2nd bathroom.
Here's a secret.
I like to go in there and just sit because it is the nicest room in the house. Okay.. maybe not for a long time but when all the other rooms are half done..half painted.. half floored (that will get finished...ONE DAY!)  half unpacked... it's nice to use a room that isnt halfed.

Everytime Colby goes back to the Condo to change the air filter or something for our tenant he always calls me and says wow.. our condo was like some luxury place. Everything is so nice and new and (finished) and clean! (Our house is clean too... just the paint on the walls makes it feel dirty or something. It will feel like nice too once we are done with it  hahah.. )

Today is laundry day. As of right now It doesnt look like much else is going to get accomplished.
 Maybe if my laundry room looked like this

I would be more inclined to take care of what now looks  feels like this

*minus there is not cute baby in my pile of laundry. Just dogs that drag it around the house. *

Happy Saturday!


Brooke and Kent said...

how funny. I should take a picture like that! By the way I am loving the picture of the day!

Kate and Trevor said...

oooooooo!!!! I want that pretty laundry room, then maybe I wouldn't HATE laundry days!!! I am also loving your picture a day activity, I wish I was inspired everyday!!! haha jk

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