Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today I looked at the calendar and realized...
One month from now, I will already be married (for 1 day).
One word, Surreal.
I kind of feel like I did when I was moving out here!
I kind of knew what I was doing, but not really...
I didnt really know what I was getting into, but it
has been even better than I could have ever expected it to be.
I have survived and learned so much just from having
to be a responsible adult.
I feel overwhelming feelings of excitement, nervousness, happiness, etc.
I cant wait!


Wendi said...

I am so excited for you guys.
1 month.
Enjoy every moment of these next 4 weeks as an almost married woman. You will never be one again.
Congratulations and see you soon!!!

James and Cindy said...

Im so happy for you. Im glad you got to move out there and be on your own for a little while. Married life will be full of fun times. I hope the best for the two of you!!!

Monica said...

That is so awesome. In a few days we will be celebrating our 13th anniversay, time goes by so fast!

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